1.- ”I’m thinking of investing for my retirement. How can you help me?
You can buy one of our units or the whole resort, and, if you want, we will manage the rent for you and give you back around 75% of the income. When you decide to come here temporarily, it’s your house and you can do what you want with it. And at the end, if you decide to live here all year, it’s your decision. We recommend that you visit us first, try a week rental, and afterwards enjoy the lifestyle, the architecture, the design, and everything else, and you and your family can decide calmly.
2.- Do I have to reserve all the villa? What is the smallest space I can rent, and what is the biggest?”
You can rent Ocean villa. With this option you will have 1 big apartment and 2 studios: 4 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 1 living room…. for 8 people. The minimum is to rent the studio, for 2 people. And you can do any combinations you prefer with the next options: • 2 people in one studio • 4 people in one apartment • 6 people in one apartment and one studio • 8 people in the whole villa. Or you can rent any of the smaller villas for 3 people.
3.- What am I going to find when I arrive at the villa?
You can check in the Rent section, but you are going to have the minimum to start your vacation there until you can go to the nearest supermarket. Also, we can offer you some packages to make your stay easier. And if you need help with the cooking or cleaning, we can also offer you a package.
4.- Why did you use this kind of different architecture?
Because we love it, and because we want other people to have the opportunity to live in a place which is also a piece of art. We have travelled around the world, and when you are outside of your house you want something special. We think this is what we would like to find when we travel. Also, this architecture is the most balanced and integrated with the Earth where we live.
5.- What recommendations you can give me if I land in the International Airport of Belize?

Here you have some advices for the trip from the International Airport of Belize to Swan Villas:
Well… From the International Airport to Placencia there is no a big tourist areas, so the restaurants that you are going to find are more “locals”.

If you don’t want to enter to Belize City ( you don’t need it) the best option is 15 miles ( approximately) before to reach Belmopan. Around 45 minutes from the Airport. The name is Cheers (mile 31 ¼), and it’s on the road, in the left side.

If you want to take your time, there is an easy activity that it’s going to like you very much. It’s is the small Zoo of Belize, but it’s really marvelous. If you want to spend 1.5 hours, this is the moment.

Also, before you arrive to BMP ( 2 miles before), close to the airstrip, you have ArtBox, mile 46, a beautiful shop with a bar.
But if you want to wait to arrive to Belmopan, although it’s the capital, you don’t have too much to choose: Blue Moon ( in the roundabout) and Corkers ( Close to the bus station), could be two of the options.

From Belmopan to Placencia you don’t have nothing serious. The first hour is a beautiful mountain and jungle landscape. Almost at the end of this mountain ( one hour from Belmopan) you have “casita del amor” in the right to the road, where you have a good coffee, smoothies, omelets, sandwiches… etc.
And from here, you have one hour more to Placencia ( Maya Beach). So at the end is 3 hours trip.
We are visible from the road, in the right of the road, at mile 16.5, you will can see our spectacular gatehouse.