About Us

Montse and Rodolfo, a spirited young entrepenurial couple, with 25 years’ experience in the world of finance, tourism, infrastructure, and construction.
Amateur athletes who enjoy nature, have run Alcatraz, 24-Hour MTB marathons, etc., and are preparing for the Ruta Maya and Cross Country.

swan-villas-resort-placencia-about-usShe has a Bachelor’s degree in the Tourism Business, and he is an engineer with an MBA. They decided to undertake a second part of their life in beautiful Belize.

They want to offer their clients and themselves (as they will be living in one of the villas) a building that is also a work of art and an investment for the future.

In addition, for them the model of “vacation rental” is a business model that will allow them to enjoy the charms of Belize.

Both are private pilots, fell in love with Belize on their first flight two years ago, and after going through the cold Boston winters for three years, decided to settle in this country.

Life here is relaxed, but the nature, sport and the environment are more fully lived. Everything is extremely attractive, starting with the coral reefs, warm waters and beaches, and huge wetlands; to the savannah, rivers that cross the country, and the green forests.