Choosing the perfect place for your wedding

Once we answer positively to the BIG question, “Will you marry me?”, it’s time to choose the perfect place to get married. There are several requirements that we expect and look for when we search for our perfect wedding location:

  • An environment with the best climate in the world to guarantee us a warm and sunny wedding, but not too hot.
  • An unforgettable place, rather paradise, from which every and each guest return home with the best of memories.
  • A place where we know our guests will be comfortable with all the facilities to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • A beautiful site with very quiet waters and a sandy close beach, so your family and friends enjoy a great swim at anytime of the year.
  • A stunning place to walk with incredible views and amazing sceneries
  • A fantastic area where you can practise water and outdoor sports, unlike any other place.
  • A peaceful place conducive to human contact, awareness of nature, where the living standards are not too costly and with fun guaranteed.
  • A unique place that is well worth visiting, an excellent proposal that combines tranquility, confort, services and fun.

When we are planning a wedding, this is a very important decision. We know that finding a place that guarantees your dream wedding may appear to be difficult to achieve. Here at Swan Villas our objective is to offer you that: a unique place representing the best in luxury acommodation and beautiful organic arquitecture, with best service, and located in the famous Caribbean peninsula of Placencia, Belize.