Healthy active life 5K and 10K run

Promoting a healthy life is a integral part of our philosophy here at Swan Villas Belize. We are committed to encourage exercise and healthy habits among belizean people, aligned with the beatiful nature of their country.

With this purpose in mind, a few months ago we organised the Healthy Active Life 5K Run that gathered 212 registered runners. For this first event, we had a great support from many collaborators and from the Belmopan city council itself.

Following the success of the first edition, we are making it happen again on February 1st – 2015, in Placencia. And this time, we double the challenge and the fun!

As in the I Healthy Active Life 5K Run, there will be a 5K race, the “Activate 5K run” open to everybody, beginners and intermediate. And for this new one, we are incorporating a 10K run.

This event maintains its double purpose of promoting a healthy life while suppporting a good cause, so all the money raised  will be donated to a local organization.

If you want to collaborate with us as an sponsor or voluntary, email us to:

And you can stay updated on new information through the Healthy Active Life 5K run facebook page.

We hope to see you there running for a good cause! :)