Healthy Active Life 5k run (Belmopan)

Healthy Active Life 5k run5K run for everybody but mostly for beginners and intermediate people who want to have a healthy life and they see in this kind of races the best way to start with this new challenge, in Belmopan.
Open for everybody:
o Prices for everyone who finishes the race, in less than 60 ‘
o Dorsal as a reminder and finish time on Internet
o Hidratation during and at the end of  the race


This is a race with a donnor, Marla’s House of Hope, and all we get will go to this cause.


  • Men
  • Women


  • Certificate for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each category
  • Certificate for the older and younger finishers
  • Medal or shirt eveyry runner who finish the race in less than 60′

Fee per participation: is a donation:  $5

Register: from now to one day berofe at Belly Happy, in Belmopan. No registration the day of the race. No participation if you don’t have the dorsal.

Benefactor: Marla’s house of Hope.


  • 200$. All money from the sponsors will go directly to Marla’s House
  • if you want to participate as an sponsor, please feel free to contact: Joe Allen Mena:
  • This are the list with the logos of all sponsors to date:

Wood Stop – Belly Happy – Builder’s Hardware – Blue Moon Restaurant – Pasquale’s Pizzeria – Baptist Training Center – Quality Poultry – BUCA/Puma Gas Station – Art Box – Zeta Ice -Biomeds – Almond Beach/Sleeping Giant resort

Colaborator: if you want to colaborate with us with some product for the runners, please contact:

Voluntary: If you want to colaborate in the race day, please send us an email:

 Course of the race: Around Belmopan, throught the Ring Road, starting in Belly Happy parking. The map will be post in the facebook page.