Rental Program Overview

Enjoy Benefits While You Are Away

placencia-villas-rentOur professional rental management company will provide on-site management of Swan Villas year-round. We will provide advertising, booking and management of the operations, providing you with the security that your home is in professional hands and has the benefit of income generation. Two of the completed and operational resorts in Placencia operate with reported occupancy levels of 70 percent. As an owner at the Swan Villas, you will retain at least 50% of the rental revenue after expenses for your owned villa. Becoming an owner at the Swan Villas could be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made.

Our Sales Process

No Lines. No Games.

placencia-villas-rent-aventureThe purchase of a second home in a foreign country can be an intimidating concept. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to simplify the process. We are a serious family who has decided to buy one of this villas that we have designed. Our goal is to assist you in assessing the opportunity to determine if the Swan Villas at Maya Beach are an appropriate fit for you and your family.

We encourage you to visit us, so we can show you how to “live where you love to play” in Belize. We are now building 2 villas and the common area, and our idea is to build the other three next year. We’ll sell them as buyers complete the process. So while the opportunities for adventures in Belize are endless, the offering is not.

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How to buy in Belize

Buying Real Estate in Belize

Being a commonwealth member country, Belize’s legal system is similar to that of the English system. Foreigners (aliens) may buy property in Belize without any restrictions.

What Kind of Property is Available in Belize and How Do I Register?

Both freehold (i.e. fee simple) and leasehold properties are available in Belize. There are three property registration systems for those who buy property in Belize – Deeds Registration, Private Conveyancing and Torrens System. Which system is to be used depends on the location of the subject property.

Buying Real Estate in Your Playground by the Sea

placencia-villas-rent-poolBuying property in Belize has never been easier. The Swan Villas at Maya Beach meets the Alien Landholding Act criteria, so your closing and entitlement process will result in a fully-owned and fee simple title and is yours until you sell or will it.

Becoming an owner at the Swan Villas at Maya Beach, could be one of the smartest decisions you’ve made.

At the age of 45 you can move to Belize on Retired Status and you have the ability to bring one car, one airplane, one boat and up to $15,000 in goods duty free, as we have done.