Swan Villas will offer a complete and diverse exercise plan for their guests

Swan Villas sports activitiesAt Swan Villas, we are passionate about many things, and one of them is living a healthy life. We love exercising in the open air enjoying the beautiful scenario of Belize’s nature.

We want to offer our guests the opportunity to make the most of their stay and be able to take part of a complete exercise plan that will be free for them.

Each day of the week a different sport activity will take place. The classes will be one and a half hour long and will be given by experienced teachers who are very enthusiastic about their work.

How does it sound a yoga class facing the lagoon and the horizon?

How about a moderate run enjoying the smell of the ocean?

Here are some details about the different activities that will be part of the Swan Villas weekly exercise plan: All days at 7:30 am, at Swan Villas, for 1 hour approximately:


11001732_10205554180870950_2344865428671351136_nMonday: Aero-boxing, by Edgar

Time to tone up the muscles while we enhance our flexibility and coordination.

Tuesday: Running & Stretching, by Montse

Starting from Swan Villas, 3 miles of easy running enjoying the smell of the ocean, and finalizing with a 15 minutes stretching session at the Swan Villas swimming pool, viewing the lagoon and the mountains


Biking activity 1

Wednesday: Cycling, by Rudy

Starting from Swan Villas, heading to the north to Riverdale and back. A 12 miles flat trip passing by the beautiful houses of the area, and keeping the ocean and the lagoon on each side.





2015-02-05 08.31.11Thursday: Kayaking, by Rudy

We will be kayaking from Swan Villas to a near island which is a nature reserve, and back; or through the channels of Cocoplum, or in the Ocean to the closest island

Friday: Swimming on the beach, by Rudy

Enjoy the Caribbean sea swimming half hour in its marvelous waters.




DSC_0863DSC_0870Saturday: It’s yoga day!, by  Eucalipto (Stephanie Donis Chew).

A yoga class for all levels will take place in the platform of the Swan Villas swimming pool with its beautiful view.





CaptureSunday: Cycling, by Rudy

Departing from Swan Villas and heading to the south of Placencia Village and back. It’s a 12 miles flat trip passing by Seine Bight. Or perhaps to the mountains, at Cockscomb or Bocawina


If you have any questions about Swan Villas sport activities agenda, feel free to contact us!

This Sport Program is also opened to the locals of Maya Beach. They have to check with the trainer if the classes have any fees for them.