5 Star

We just came back from our fantastic holiday in Belize. We stayed in Swan villas and we have been pampered at our stay by owners/representatives Rodolfo and Montse. They made our stay in Placencia unforgetable.
You wouldn´t regret to go and try it, you will certailny, like me, want to come back.
Thank you Rodolfo and Montse also for a classes of yoga and aquarobic .

Katka Verhaar

I can only have grateful words about Rodolfo as a provider.


He has that not so common ability of listening, understanding and giving always the adequate response to his customer’s needs. He has that kind of truthful behavior that leads to the establishment of long term professional relationships instead of the quick deal. Most of the technical resources he provided us with are still working with us. He, along with his wife, Montse, became friends and we found a common ground that’s our love for aviation. Flying together strengthened our relationship and both he and his wife decided to go one step beyond to earn their pilot licenses. I can tell first hand they put passion in whatever enterprise they venture in.

Luis Alonso Reguero
Manager of Projects and Services @ Isban US
President of Magerit Aviation Inc
Boston, USA

Rodolfo and Montse are truly a dynamic couple and two of the most unique individuals I have met in my lifetime...”


"My friends, Rodolfo and Montse, have integrated very quickly into our Belizean society and are very active in our community. They are always ready for any physical challenge that comes their way and are always prepared to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever needed. Rodolfo is also an active member of our Rotary Club and is always enthusiastic and willing to volunteer his time and services to our community projects. He is the trailblazer in our mountain bike group and is the leader of our exercise team that promotes living a more healthy and active lifestyle. Rodolfo and Montse are truly a dynamic couple and two of the most unique individuals I have met in my lifetime...”

Joseph Allen Mena
The Mena Group of Companies

Rodolfo and Montse are a unique couple.

Montserrat Sáenz de Ugarte.jpg

I do really think they are meant to be with each other cause I do not know nobody in this world that could complement each other as well as they do.

Rodolfo is my oldest bother and he has always acted that way. He has oriented me and protected me but also he has supported every decision that I have taken in my life. He was also my boss for a couple of years and I had the chance to know him better, personally and professionally. He is a very pragmatic, dynamic and rational person. As a boss he knows how to get the best of everyone. I learned from him more than what I could learn in my four-year career at university.

Montserrat Sáenz de Ugarte
Director of International of MAFEX

Montse and Rodolfo, besides being one of my best friends

Luis-Miguel-Cabrero .jpg

Are the most adventuresome people I know, and are always one step ahead of us. They went to the US, and we lost the most active sportsman and woman that we have on our team. Friends of great challenges, these two hardcore individuals know how to go the extra mile in all phases of their lives. They never said no to anyone when any sports challenge was placed in our hands, and I hope he takes a break from his enviable life in Belize to join us at the Titan Desert 2015. These individuals will never leave anything or anybody hanging always wanting to help and exceed. You will find very few good people as Montse and Rodolfo.

Luis Miguel Cabrero
Director - Telefónica Global Account & Iberia at OPENET Madrid, Spain